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Olympics are one of the greatest achievements for a sailor’s career

Achieving an Olympics has always been one of the greatest achievements for a sailor’s career and among the greatest satisfactions for the club that started this dream.

Giorgia Bertuzzi, class 2001 from Malcesine, from her first Optimist outings here at Fraglia together with her first coach Ylena Carcasole, imagined participating.

Today that she has grown up and this image is taking shape, she wants to come back with a medal!

A big fan of skiing and climbing, Giorgia comes from a sporting family but never had roots in the sailing world.

At age six she started in Optimist here at fraglia and then transitioned to 420. She never stopped in the face of any obstacle and moved forward with great tenacity. She has always had a great physicality and agility that has allowed her to express herself at her best in the role of bowwoman until she landed in FX.

With the help of Filippo Togni, the opportunity was created to follow and coach this class right here in our club. After getting into the boat with different athletes she always looked for ways to reinvent herself and find new opportunities until the lucky meeting with Jana Germani in 2020. Both athletes are now enlisted in the Navy MARINA MILITARE.

Day after day, they turn their passion into a job, managing in a short time to take many satisfactions.

They win a world u23 gold and two continental podiums.

The silver won in Vilamoura in 2023, gives them the Olympic card for the Paris Games. And a few weeks ago the big news, the pair is officially chosen to represent Italy in the 49er FX class at this year’s Olympics (sailing will be held in Marseille, August 2024).

Raised among the five-ring stories of the many Olympians present in Malcesine. We proudly remember the many athletes who grew up right here, helping to shape the history of us and Italy through their participation in the Olympics:

Munich 1972 star class: Scala Flavio (fvm) – Testa Mauro (fvm)

Barcelona 1992 star class: Benamati Roberto (fvm) with Mario Salani

Athens 2004 Finn Class: Marchesini Michele (fvm)

Rio de Janeiro 2016 classe nacra17: Vittorio Bissaro (fvm) con Silvia Sicouri

Today, in the waters of Marseille, Giorgia is looking forward to telling her story.

We at the Fraglia are extremely proud to have given a start to this incredible athlete who proved, and still proves, that if you have a goal, you have to follow it. Every defeat or obstacle should be turned into an opportunity, because if you can visualize and believe in what you want to achieve, that is where you will get to and nothing should stop you!