H14 ribs

H14 RIBs on Lake Garda

Rent and make us of H14 RIBs for trainings and regattas at Fraglia Vela Malcesine

We are the official dealer in Italy for all H14 RIBs and with us you can try them, get all the necessary info, including the direct contact with the head office to buy directly with them your new H4 RIB

Why choose a H14 Performance RIB?

Artisan and innovative factory based in Poland, H14 is a shipyard that aims to find the best design and follows every construction process, from design to final delivery to the customer.

H14 RIBs are perfect for the most demanding sailing coaches and for sailing instructors, but they are also amazing RIBs for water jobs, as mark layers, with all sea and weather conditions. We have been using them for some years, both on our racing courses and for our sailing teams trainings and we can guarantee you that H14 RIBs will satisfy all your needs.

Which H14 RIB choose?

The following models are available and ready to be delivered:

H14 AX635 RIB

Large RIB suitable for hosting videographers, photos, etc.

H14 AX560 RIB

RIB for coaches, with the 500+ design, but larger. 
Excellent for navigation in all weather and sea conditions.

H14 AX580 RIB

RIB for coaches, more narrow and with a lower bow than the AX560 model, it performs very well in all weather and sea conditions.

H14 AX500+ RIB

RIB for sailing school, coaches and mark layers.
Adaptable and easy to transport on trailers, the high bow allows you to easily beat the wave and the wide stern ensures stability and space on board.

H14 AX500 RIB

Brother of the HX14 500+, but with a smaller size of the tubulars.

Make use of H14 RIBS for training or Regatta

If you need a RIB for sailing training or Regatta at Lake Garda write us an e-mail at race@fragliavela.org.