Trainings at Fraglia Vela Malcesine

Double training session on water and in the gym on Lake Garda

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We are happy to host all sailing teams and athletes who want to come for training on the north side of Lake Garda.

Here you can find the perfect condition, with an average of 10 hours of wind every day.

Starting from early morning until midday, Peler (local wind) blows from North, with an intensity between 15-30 knots. Just after midday, Ora (local wind) arrives, blowing from South with 10-18 knots, for all the afternoon.

You can plan your training sessions on water twice a day.

On request, there are rooms available for briefing, planning and post-training analysis with video support.


  • moorings dedicated to keel boats
  • two large slipways
  • two cranes, one fixed and one movable, for launching and hauling out
  • large and organized areas: boats parking, trailers area and car parking
  • room for briefings (wi-fi, projector, whiteboard)
  • H14 RIBs
  • bar and restaurant with typical Italian food
  • FVM GYM with discounted prices for our guests


One boat15€75€
Max 10 boats75€375€
11 – 20 boats140€700€
21 – 30 boats210€1050€

Prices include (every 10 baots):

  • 1 RIB mooring
  • 1 trailer parking
  • 2 car passes
  • rooms for briefings


monotype max 7mmonotype max 10m
hauling out40€50€
mast setting40€50€

Prices include:

  • 1 trailer parking
  • 1 car pass
  • rooms for briefings


The gym is located in the Fraglia Vela Malcesine south area. With two rooms to do weight training or body weight exercises, with lake view!

Daily10 passesWeekly
FVM guests10€85€25€

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