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Personal Trainer session at FVM GYM

Training to find the physical wellbeing with the help of a professional

The PT session is the best solution if the gym is a new world for you, if you need to find your motivation and consistency or if you have new specific goals. You can choose from different packages: 1 session, 5 or 10 sessions, alone or with 2 friends. 

PTs sessions can help you to enjoy the gym with more awareness and autonomy: learning the correct movement is fundamental to improve your training and to reach your goals. 

Our PT can also help you in your rehabilitation process. 

Come to the gym to meet Suad, he will follow your training and will teach you to train at your best and help you to find your physical wellbeing and strength.



price per sessionspackage price
1 SESSION€ 30,00€ 30,00
5 SESSIONS€ 27,00€ 135,00
10 SESSIONS€ 25,00€ 250,00


price per sessions per personpackage price
1 SESSION€ 25,00€ 25,00
5 SESSIONS€ 23,00€ 115,00
10 SESSIONS€ 20,00€ 200,00


price per sessions per personpackage price
1 SESSION€ 20,00€ 20,00
5 SESSIONS€ 18,00€ 90,00
10 SESSIONS€ 16,50€ 165,00

How does this work

Come to the office to get your PTs package and to book your session with Suad.

What to bring

  • a towel
  • clean gym shoes
  • medical certificate


Staff 2020 K3I7800

Suad Vejselovski

Gym manager and Personal Trainer