Teams > EURILCA Radial Youth Europeans in Kastela Marina (Croatia)

EURILCA Radial Youth Europeans in Kastela Marina (Croatia)

3rd Regatta of Techno293 Coppa Italia at the Torbole Windsurfing Week

The 2021 Radial Youth European Championships took place from June 26th to July 3rd in Kastela Marina, Croatia.
It’s been a regatta with 6 challenging days for the Laser Radial FVM team, led by coach Valerio Brighenti; the first three days spent waiting on the race area after one hour without achieving any races due to lack of wind or unstable wind. A great heat has made the general conditions more difficult.
217 Athletes in the Croatian Championship representing 27 nations!

predari lorenzo laser radial youth europeans croazia 2021

In the following three days, however, a good wind allowed 9 beautiful races.
The best athlete of the team turns out to be Federico Uricchio with an excellent 14th place and third Italian!
Lorenzo Predari with a second black flag at the start line finishes his championship at 46th place, even with good races achieved.
Francesco Novelli qualified in the fleet of the Final Gold finishing at 49th place.
Tommaso Boccuni and Maximiliano Testa respectively at the fifth and eighth place final, racing in the Silver final.

RS Feva at Lake Iseo, Laser at Campione and Optimist at Cervia

Edoardo Brighenti con Alex Brighenti (CN Brenzone) has raced at the 57th Trofeo del Sebino – Interzonale RsFeva the 10-11 July held by Associazione Nautica Sebina.
After 8 races and 1 discard, they lead the final ranking on the 23 crew with 3 first places!

From the ILCA-Laser Zonale Regatta of Univela Campione comes the podium of Manuel Vos in the 4.7 fleet, Bronze medal and first 2008 athlete for him!
Four races with one discard for ILCA-6 fleet (Radial);
Lorenzo Predari at 6th place
Maximiliano Testa at 8th place
Tommaso Boccuni at 13th place
Federico Uricchio at 14th place
Four races for ILCA-4 fleet (4.7);
Manuel Vos at 3rd place
Mia Benamati at 6th place
Davide Chemasi at 8th place
Chiara Pallua at 9th place
Jan Meletti at 15th place
Matteo Ciaglia at 16th place
Martino Loncrini at 24th place

vos manuel ciaglia matteo zonale laser campione 2021

Optimist in triumph with Mattia Benamati who wins the cup of the Youth Meeting at the Circolo Nautico Cervia Amici della Vela!
In the 2012 rankings
24th Nicolò Chemasi
In the 2011 rankings:
30th Piacentini Isabella
45th Marini Manuel
In the 2010 rankings:
1st Mattia Benamati
18th Pietro Gainelli
24th Bianca Marchesini

In Torbole a week dedicated to athletes of Techno293

techno293 team torbole windsurfing week 2021

From the 12th to 17th of July to the Circolo Surf Torbole there been the 3rd regatta of the Italian Techno293 Cup during the Torbole Windsurfing Week.
Despite the severe difficulties caused by the strong storm in the second day, the collaboration of all made it possible to continue the event!

Leaded by the coaches Brizio and Benamati the boys of the FVM team get excellent results!
The formula been organized with Fleet race, Slalom race and the Long Distance race.

In the CH3 fleet:
11th Tommaso Loncrini 9th SLALOM 8th Long Distance

In the CH4 fleet:
1st Luca Pacchiotti 3rd SLALOM 1st Long Distance
3rd Giordano Rigotti 1st SLALOM 5th Long Distance
15th Davide Marchei 13th SLALOM 4th Long Distance
16th Malik Gueye 14th SLALOM 6th Long Distance

In the EXPERIENCE fleet:
13th Arianna Devoti 8th SLALOM 6th Long Distance

In the U13 fleet:
3rd Lorenzo Maroadi 1st SLALOM 3rd Long Distance
7th Vittoria Brighenti 5th OVERALL 2th female 6th Long Distance 2nd female
17th Alex Roncagalli 11th SLALOM 13th Long Distance
20th Luca Treccani 13th SLALOM 12th Long Distance

In the U15 fleet:
3rd Edoardo Guarnati 1st SLALOM 1st Long Distance
6th Elia Rossi 4th SLALOM 10th Long Distance
42nd Maddalena Lombardi 8th SLALOM female 30th Long Distance female
46th Nicole Prandini 12th SLALOM female 32nd Long Distance female
55th Nicol Calovi

In the U17 male fleet:
45th Igor Bresaola 23rd SLALOM 18th Long Distance

In the Plus fleet
3rd Michele Marchei 3rd SLALOM 2nd Long Distance