Teams > The Optimist team in the full high season activity!

The Optimist team in the full high season activity!

In Arco the 2021 ILCA 6 (Radial) Youth World Championships

III Act of Optimist Italia Kinder Joy of moving

From July 23rd until 25th Circolo della Vela Bari has hosted the 3rd Act of Kinder Cup Optimist.
The FVM team accompanied in the trip by coach Nicole Galazzini sails with energy and determination on the three days at sea!

A total of six races concluded, different conditions from the early light breeze to the last day of wind between 15 and 20 knots with good wave.

cecilia denoe kinder cup bari 2021 fraglia vela malcesine

Cecilia De Noe made a good regatta reaching the third female position and the 17th overall!
Sofia Bommartini at 28th position, Marco Castelletti at 65th position, Tommaso Revenoldi at 67th position, Bianca Marchesini at 77th position, Pietro Gainelli at 96th position winned the Kinder Fairplay Award.

ILCA 6 (Radial) Youth World Championships

lorenzo predari ilca radial youth 2021 world championship

Brilliant performance by Lorenzo Predari at the Radial Youth World Championships ILCA 2021 organized by the Circolo Vela Arco from 23rd to 31st July.
Fraglia Vela Malcesine’s athlete reached the 8th place overall, the third UNDER 17 position and he is the second italian sailor behind the Championship winner Mattia Cesana of Fraglia Vela Riva!

In Gold Final:
Federico Uricchio at 26th place;
Francesco Novelli at 44th place;
Tommaso Boccuni at 48th place;

In Silver Final:
Maximiliano Testa at 7th place.

The coach Valerio Brighenti says enthusiastic words about the excellent ragatta vision by FVM athletes.

Ora Cup Ora and Simone Trophy

cecilia denoe oracupora 2021 primo posto femminile fraglia vela malcesine

Cecilia De Noe continues the beautiful progression by winning the Ora Cup Ora in the female juniores category, at 14th place overall!

In the Gold fleet Mattia Benamati ends the regatta at 41st place.

At 37th position of the Silver fleet we find Tommaso Revenoldi and just behind him, at 38th position Pietro Gainelli. Bianca Marchesini ends at al 51st place.

In the Bronze fleet Giulia Piacentini ends at 28th final place.

The cadettis:
Isabella Piacentini at 22nd place;
Nicolò Chemasi at 42nd place;
Manuel Marini at 43rd place.

The Simone Trophy for the cadetti’s team ends after 7 races:
Isabella at 22nd place;
Manuel at 39th place;
at 57th position Nicolò.

In the juniores fleet in Gold final Sofia Bommartini is the best of the team at 21st place while Mattia at 73rd place followed by Tommaso at 74th.
In Silver final at 112th place Pietro followed by Bianca al 122nd and by Cecilia at 125th.
Giulia is at 146th place and Marco at 192nd place.