Teams > Annalie Meoni wins the “Coppa Primavela”

Annalie Meoni wins the “Coppa Primavela”

Vittoria Brighenti arrives 3rd female in the Techno293 class

Annalie Meoni is the winner of the “Coppa Primavela 2022″ and brings, after Pietro Parisi in 2004, Lorenzo Ghirotti in 2017 and Mattia Benamati in 2019, the trophy back to Malcesine.
The regatta, with the young sailors born in 2013 as protagonists, has just ended in Salerno with 6 races carried out.

Huge congrats also to Nicolò Lonardi (5th), Ilenia Chincarini (26th) and Gaia Cobelli (41st).
Manuel Marini gains the 33rd place in the “Coppa Presidente“. A result that confirms the excellent teamwork of the coaches Nicole Galazzini and Ylena Carcasole.
In the Techno293 class, Matteo Zelfeld ends 9th in the CH3 category, while Tommaso Loncrini arrives 13th in the CH4 category of the “Coppa Presidente”.

Bronze medal for Vittoria Brighenti in the Techno293 class at the Italian Youth Championships 2022.
Vittoria, in the Under 15 category, after 7 races held in the Gulf of Salerno is sixth overall among over 50 athletes from all over Italy.
Excellent placement also for Luca Pacchiotti in 7th position, Alex Roncagalli in 18th, Malik Gueye in 38th.
Giordano Rigotti arrives 6th in the Under 13 category.
The Italian title was also awarded for the IQFoil class in the Under 17 category where Lorenzo Maroadi arrived in an excellent 6th position, 7th place for Elia Rossi, 16th place for Edoardo Guarnati.
150 Optimist athletes at the Italian Championship, 21st place for Bianca Marchesini and 33rd position for Sofia Bommartini.

Very good results in the ILCA4 category thanks to Manuel Vos, who gains the 10th place, and Chiara Pallua, who arrives 24th among the 115 Italian Athletes.
ILCA6 with Lorenzo Predari in 26th position, Jan Meletti in 46th place and Federico Uricchio in 61st.
Huge congrats to all the athletes and the coaches of the Fraglia Vela Malcesine Brizio, Galazzini e Brighenti.