Teams > Laser to Formia, Techno293 to Lido di Ostia, Optimist to Gravedona

Laser to Formia, Techno293 to Lido di Ostia, Optimist to Gravedona

Transfers of March are good for FVM teams

In Formia, in Latina province, the three days of the national laser were hosted from 19th to 21st March.
Numerous as usual the participants in this second stage of the Italian Cup Laser, divided into the category fleets: from the youngest class 4.7 to Standard passing through the Radial class.
In the beautiful scenery of the Gulf of Gaeta, thanks to the organization of the Circolo Nautico Caposele, a total of eight races were carried out with one discard. Excellent weather conditions with wind rising from the 12 knots of the first day to over 20 knots of the final day.

Jan Meletti is the protagonist of the transfer; thanks to a series of excellent placements he win the 4th place overall, second male place and first UNDER16 place in class 4.7!
The other athletes in class 4.7 are Davide Chemasi, 24th and 7th UNDER16 with two significant three places in the series, among the youngest athletes in the competition; Mia Benamati in the Silver Fleet ends at 27th place and Martino Loncrini in the Silver Fleet at the 43rd place.


As far as the Radial class is concerned, Lorenzo Predari is the strongest of the team with a 14th place overall, third position among the U17.
Francesco Novelli finishes at 18th place and Maximiliano Testa at 21st.

Great demonstration by Filippo Guerra who fights with the best of the Standard fleet and achieves a deserved 5th place in the race won by Gianmarco Planchestainer (Sez. Vela Guardia Finanza)!

Filippo Guerra ©MARTA ROVATTI

The first stage of the National Cup Italy Techno293 was organized by the Lega Navale Italiana Sezione di Ostia from 26th to 28th March, after the Final of February always carried out in the sea of Ostia.

The representative consisting of 5 windsurfing athletes accompanied by coach Giorgia goes into the water concluding a total of 7 races for all classes in the race.
Edoardo Guarnati discards a second placement and with three first places he win the first stage among the U15!!

Edoardo Guarnati

In the PLUS fleet Michele Marchei ends at 14th place, while in category U17 Igor Bresaola at 47th.
Very well also Lorenzo Maroadi and Luca Pacchiotti respectively at the 3rd and 5th place in the U13 fleet!

Important transfer for the Optmist team led by Nicole Galazzini to the lake of Como for the Interzonale Optimist Regatta organized by the Associazione Velica Alto Lario (Aval Cdv) in Gravedona.

The regatta valid for access to the National selection took place under variable weather conditions at the weekend of March 26/27.
Mattia Benamati is 7th overall, with a strong advance in the last races concludes at the first place among the 2010!!
The first 41 sailors of the ranking pass the selection and for the FVM are 4: Mattia Benamati in 7th place, Sofia Bommartini in 15th place, Manuel Vos in 19th place, Cecilia De Noe in 24th place.
The other athletes of the team are Tommaso Revenoldi 49th, Bianca Marchesini 54th, Giulia Piacentini 57th, Pietro Gainelli 68th and Marco Castelletti 107th.