Teams > Peroni, Benamati and Bommartini win in transfers to Liguria

Peroni, Benamati and Bommartini win in transfers to Liguria

Two thirds places by the laser team in Andora and a first female place optimist at the Alassio Meeting

Two transfers for the agonistic teams of the Fraglia Vela Malcesine in the last weekend of February.
Lasers with coach Valerio Brighenti left on Thursday for Andora (Savona) where the Italian Cup stage was scheduled at the Circolo Nautico Andora. Three days of regatta with wind growing from 8-9 knots on the second day until the strong Tramontana on Sunday with gusts up to 30 knots that allowed to race only the Standard lasers.

The FVM team participates with 12 athletes, among whom stands out the excellent performance of Dimitri Peroni, who takes 3rd place behind Giovanni Coccoluto (Sez Vela Guardia di Finanza) and Nicolò Villa (Circolo Velico Tivano)!
In 4.7 ranking, on the second laser race ever, Mia Benamati reaches the 3rd female position among UNDER 16s.


The final ranking is as follow:

Gianmarco Planchestainer (Sez. Vela Guardia di Finanza) 4th
Filippo Guerra 8th, at second place among UNDER 21

Matteo Ciaglia 29th at eighth place among UNDER 16
Mia Benamati 56th at third place among UNDER 16
Davide Chemasi 61st
Jan Meletti 76th
Martino Loncrini 129th

Francesco Novelli 9th
Lorenzo Predari 20th
Tommaso Boccuni 37th
Federico Uricchio 43th
Maximiliano Testa 63rd

The Optimist team sees the return of our coach Ylena Carcasole; to the Circolo Nautico “Al Mare” in Alassio (Savona) for the 51st edition of the INTERNATIONAL YOUTH MEETING”.
After the first day with zero races gained, the strong wind played a leading role with the cadets forced to the ashore and some difficulties even for the junior sailors with less experience.

Great satisfaction for the 1st female place and 15th overall for Sofia Bommartini!
Three races concluded, the team was positioned as follows:

Manuel Vos 11th
Cecilia De Noe 40th
Mattia Benamati 57th
Marco Castelletti 65th
Bianca Marchesini 108th
Pietro Gainelli 113th
Giulia Piacentini 139th
Tommaso Revenoldi 150th

A great start for the agonistic teams looking to the upcoming season and transfer in March:
Optimist in Gravedona for the Interzonale Regatta;
Laser to Torbole for the second Zonale on March 14th.