H14 performance ribs


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Balardi Cup - Trofeo Piccolo Hotel Moth Edition

Moth Class

  • H14 580 1802 x 800

H14 ribs on Lake Garda

H14 ribs rental and sale for trainings or regattas at Fraglia Vela Malcesine

We are the official dealer for Italy for the H14 Performance Ribs and we can give you all info about the ribs, the contacts with the head office to buy directly from them your new H14 ribs, or you can come to Fraglia Vela Malcesine and try the H14 Performance Ribs

Why choose a H14 Performance Ribs

Artisan and innovative fabric in Poland, H14 is a shipyard always looking for the best design, and following the entire construction process, from the design to the final delivery to the client.

H14 ribs are perfect ribs for the most demanding sailing trainers, for sailing schools or clubs, but they are also perfect as mark layers ribs, in all sea and wind conditions. We, at Fraglia Vela Malcesine, have been using them from a couple of years, both on regatta courses and to follow our racing teams during trainings and regattas and we can guarantee you that H14 will satisfy all your requests.

Which H14 rib choose?

These are the models ready to be ordered:

H14 AX635 rib
Large dimension rib, perfect to be the media&video&photo rib

H14 AX560 rib
Rib for trainers, with the 500+ design, but with larger dimensions. Perfect to navigate in any sea and wind conditions.

H14 AX580 rib
Rib for trainers, more narrow and with a lower bow than AX560, perfect seaworthiness in all the conditions

H14 AX500+ rib
Rib for sailing school, trainers and mark layers. Versatile and easy to transport on trailers, high bow to navigate through waves and the large stern which guarantees the stability and the spaciousness on board

H14 AX500 rib
AX500+ little brother, the only difference between these two ribs is only the more narrow tubes.


Contact Fraglia Vela Malcesine to have more info about H14 ribs

If you need to rent a rib for your trainings or your regattas in Malcesine, write us an email at race@fragliavela.org